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Our Services

We specialise in producing estimator-friendly pricing documents for the construction industry.

Our company has built long- lasting relationships and become the first-choice specialist in providing bills of quantities, cost plans and estimating services for our clients. Whatever the size or complexity of the project we’re involved they all receive the same degree of individual attention and professionalism from our dedicated team of highly experienced and skilled surveyors.

Our team’s in-depth knowledge of construction technology, coupled with a high level of expertise in construction markets in Ireland and the UK, is our foundation for consistently delivering high-quality, accurate service for our clients.

Measurement Approach

Professionally tailored to your needs

  • At the start of every project, we will establish a measurement brief with our clients to ensure correct estimator-friendly documents are produced and delivered on time, every time.

  • All our Bills of Quantities (Boqs) are prepared to suit easy integration / importing into clients’ estimating systems (CITE, Excel, Buildsoft).

  • Every Client is different, and we are happy to tailor the documents to suit their needs.

  • Where required, our Boqs are tailored in line with tender return pricing documents, for example, CSA or TSA.
  • We can code element bills to trade bills quickly with our customisable trade code libraries. This can be set up to tailor client requirements. Every quantity can be split by zone (trade, package, location, or level)
  • Our bills are produced in a transparent, virtual format using free-to-download CostX viewer files; quantities and workings can be viewed, their location on the drawing or in the model and how they were calculated. This technology reduces the reliance on 2D paper drawings. It gives Contractors the opportunity to understand their tender requirements better, easily visualise the components of the project and quickly respond to any revisions.
  • All measurement back-up is issued as part of our service, including GIA schedules and scaffold measures. Measurement goes through our own BOQCS ‘bulk check’ process for accuracy.
  • All our surveyors must review and sign a quantity and boq verification sheet as part of our internal QA process.

Our Business Practices & Strategies

Bills of Quantities

The core business is the preparation of accurate and detailed Bills of Quantities measuring in accordance with ARM4, SMM7, NRM2 or CESMM4.

Our practice uses the latest Quantity Surveying and Estimating software, RIB Costx. This software allows dynamic links from the pricing documents directly to the drawings or BIM, enabling full transparency and interactivity.

Advanced Surveying Software

Technical Audits

Measurement in accordance with a standard measurement method is an excellent way to identify scope gaps in the design.

We adopt a comprehensive Q&R process in parallel with measurement, which allows us to undertake a technical audit to identify shortcomings in the design and coordination of the tender information. This approach delivers a ‘Value add’ rather than a ‘fait accompli’ service and has been widely adopted.

Industry Leading Methodologies


We use Mudshark Earth modelling software for all our bulk cut-and-fill measurements.

This software allows us to reflect the Soil Investigation Reports in 3D, including borehole logs, analysis of soil and sub-soil stratums and determine what can be be-re-used more accurately, enabling our clients to reduce the volume of disposal off-site.

Mudshark is the only Earth Modelling software that can produce results in accordance with ARM4, SMM7 or NRM2.

Advanced Modelling Insights

Cost Planning

Using our expertise and knowledge of the construction market, we produce quality cost planning and budgetary advice. Our cost plans can be produced in client-specific formats, BCIS elemental or in accordance with NRM 1.

We can integrate market advice from our many industry contacts built up over 30 years. We live link quantities and rates directly to our estimate templates, which can be updated unlimited times as the design is developed (Live cost plan). This is particularly useful when updating costs from scheme design to production design stages.

Next Generation Thinking

5D BIM For Contractors

We are firm BIM advocates and believe that through 5D Cost Planning, we can create significant cost savings by providing cost planning services that deliver cost certainty through realistic and precise cost estimates from concept to construction and at any point throughout all levels of development.

We offer a service where we can interrogate the model, work closely with the designer, model maps the quantities and use manual ‘workarounds’ to fill gaps in the design. Utilising this technology allows BOQCS to push traditional barriers in Quantity Takeoff.

Cutting edge cost planning


  • BOQ Consulting Services has an experienced estimating team available to enable us to create competitive and quality tender submissions on all types of projects.
  • Our estimators all held senior positions for major contractors before launching BOQCS.
  • We have a proven track record of providing thorough and detailed submissions and having a practical and knowledgeable understanding of the current marketplace.


Our surveyors are from a Contractor quantity surveying or estimating background, and we have 18 Surveyors across Ireland and the United Kingdom. They are a highly experienced and skilled workforce. They bring their years of industry experience and know-how with advanced measurement software to create accurate pricing documents for our clients.

Client Confidentiality

Our Director is a Member of the Royal Institute of Surveyors (RICS). RICS Rules of Conduct govern our company and see confidentiality as a primary professional duty.


Whatever the size or complexity, the project will benefit from the team’s dynamic approach and experience across all industry sectors. We have experience working across many construction sectors, ranging from small to medium-sized projects to large-scale Private or Public Sector projects.

Construction Projects Experience:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Mixed-use

  • Aviation

  • Industrial